People are talking.

Sam plays with a passion that radiates through his recordings.
– Greg Howard, Howard Music Group & Village Square Music

Sam creates such beautiful and heartfelt melodies. A truly gifted musician.
– Jack Jezzro, producer

Sam, Thank you for all the heart you have poured through your hands into my music.
– Amy Grant

Congratulations again for exceptional performances with the Nashville Symphony. You always lend so much to the program and audiences respond enthusiastically.
– Stephen Vann, Executive Director, Nashville Symphony

One friend proclaimed, ‘That was the coolest sax I’ve ever heard.’ From one musician to another, there is no substitute for talent and experience.
– Margaret Pounds

Thank you for your beautiful music and beautiful heart.
– Arlene Fulmer, American Cancer Society

We are all very appreciative of your immense talent that has helped us get to where we are today.
– Ed Kee, Brentwood Music

Thank you so much for adding your wonderfully melodic sax lines to my project. You play beautifully, and the recording is truly enhanced by your contribution.
– Barbara Bailey Hutchison

Forget Kenny G. My jazzman’s Sam Levine, and if my momma hadn’t raised me right, I’d probably say ‘Sam, I want your sax.’ Levine’s arrangements are as tasteful as his playing, and that’s no surprise, considering the man’s credits.
– Bernie Sheehan

Levine’s arrangements are mind-blowingly original. The jazz is up-beat, swinging, sometimes funky, and always hot, hot, hot. Levine’s a master. It’s that simple.
– Edward Murray

Session master Levine’s warm, soulful tone on sax suggests the influence of David Sanborn, but he’s also fluent on several other woodwind instruments.
– Bruce A. Brown